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How Does Biting Your Nails Affect Your Teeth?

It’s a common habit that we see every day in our friends, family and colleagues. But is it as innocent as it looks? Here’s how nail-biting can gradually grow from a harmless temporary problem to a serious condition that may hurt your teeth.

Key takeaway:

Your fingernails are made up of a unique hard substance known as keratin, therefore, biting your nails can cause tooth enamel to wear over time, making your teeth susceptible to decay and fractures.

Biting your nails increases the bacteria in your mouth as your hands are exposed to millions of microbes throughout the day. This may worsen an already existing problem.

Compulsive nail biting has also been found to increase a person’s risk for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems.

Nail-biting can be a symptom of a serious underlying issue, so consult your doctor or dentist to identify your triggers.

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