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Full Teeth Examination Sidcup

Full Teeth Examination

When you attend for an exam with us, the dentist will carry out a full examination of your teeth, mouth and gums and assess any treatment needs.

  • The dentist will take a medical history, asking about your general health which may affect your dental needs and treatment and discuss any dental problems that you may have.
  • The dentist will examine your teeth, gums and soft tissues and take x-rays of your teeth if needed to help with the assessment of your needs. During the soft tissue exam the dentist will be looking for signs of oral cancers.
  • The dentist will ask about your diet and give advice on sugar intake, smoking and drinking and the effects these can have on your oral health.
  • The dentist will advise you on how to maintain a healthy mouth, which will help prevent the need for any future dental treatment.

If you do need to have treatment following a full assessment, the dentist will advise you of treatment needed and options available to you.

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