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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

  • Dr Clifford Wetton

    Dr Cliff Wetton

Associate Dentists
  • Dr Nunya Agbenyegah

    Dr Nunya Agbenyegah

  • Dr Michael Murugiah

    Dr Michael Murugiah

  • Dr Ashee Rajibali

    Dr Ashee Rajibali

  • Dr Tapan Naik

    Dr Tapan Naik

  • Terrie Seppings

    Terrie Seppings

  • Karen Wallder

    Karen Wallder

Practice Manager
  • Alison Wetton

    Alison Wetton

Head Nurse
  • Claire Connolly

    Claire Connolly

Dental Nurses
  • Amy Marchant

    Amy Marchant

  • Grace

    Grace Gartshore-Noble

  • Myriam Burrun-Dhunoo

    Myriam Burrun-Dhunoo

  • Sonia

    Sonia Rotariu

Apprentice Dental Nurses
  • Paige Avery

    Paige Avery

  • logo icon

    Gerda Zamaraite

  • Carole McNeice

    Carole McNeice

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