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What Causes Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer greatly affects our teeth, mouth and can even threaten your life. Gender (male), age, and genetics also play a role in increasing risk. Lifestyle also plays a critical role in oral cancer risk

Key takeaways:

• Tobacco use and smoking are the leading causes of both oral and lung cancer in the world today. E-cigarettes have also been shown to increase your risk for oral cancer similar to cigarettes.

• Excess alcohol consumption has been linked to not only oral cancer but also colon, liver and breast cancer.

• Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted infection that is known to cause oral cancers of the back of the tongue and those of the tonsils.

There is a vaccine against HPV that you may qualify for. Talk to your dentist for more information. See your dentist regularly for exams so the diseases can be caught early, for better odds of successful treatment.

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