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Tooth Replacement Sidcup

Tooth Replacement

If you have a gap due to the loss of a tooth/teeth there are different options available to you to help restore function and improve your appearance:

Removable Partial Denture

It can be very embarrassing when missing front teeth. A removable partial denture worn during the day, can replace one or many missing teeth.  A full denture can replace all missing teeth.

Temporary/Immediate Denture

A temporary/immediate denture is a short term solution for a missing tooth. This is used when the tooth will be restored in the future with a partial denture, bridge or implant, but we need to wait for the extraction site to heal.  This is because when a tooth is removed the bone can shrink, making the gums change shape. This is why a temporary denture is needed until a final one can be made to fit really well.


A bridge is an option when there are teeth on either side of the missing tooth. A bridge is a fixed solution that stays cemented in the mouth and does not come out.  A bridge can replace one or two missing teeth easily and sometimes more if there is enough support.Adhesive bridges can also be provided for a single missing tooth, sometimes with no loss of tooth tissue.

Dental Implant

An implant is a great way to replace a missing tooth. They feel and act more like a natural tooth when chewing, brushing and smiling.  The implant replaces the actual root of the missing tooth and is left to heal in the bone for several months.  Once healed and firmly embedded in the bone, an abutment is secured into the implant and then a crown is secured onto that.

A major advantage is there is no need to alter any other teeth when placing an implant.  An implant is a great solution for a single missing tooth, and even more implants can replace many missing teeth.  With an expertly designed implant there is no way to tell the difference between an implant and a natural tooth.

Using “Polar Eyes” digital photography and working with a specialist dental technician, exceptionally life like restorations can be provided for compromised front teeth.

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