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Chrome Metal Denture

Chrome Metal Denture

What are chrome dentures:

These are partial dentures made of metal for the main structure and strength with acrylic or Valplast material for the gums and acrylic for the false teeth. The metal used is medically approved cobalt chrome.

What are the benefits of chrome dentures?

Chrome dentures are strong and durable and much thinner than their plastic alternatives, providing a more comfortable fit. Also, the fact that they are smaller reduces the chance of oral irritation. These dentures are particularly beneficial to patients with allergies as they significantly reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction due to their hypoallergenic property.

What are the disadvantages of chrome dentures?

They are usually held in place by metal claps around remaining teeth, which can be noticeable when you speak or smile. Also it may not be possible to add teeth to the denture.

How do I clean a chrome denture?

Remove the denture and gently brush to remove any debris. Use the recommended cleaning solution to soak them in, followed by a soft brush again to remove cleaning solution.

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