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Is Water Flossing Better Than Dental Flossing?

Ever since dental floss was introduced over 100 years ago, every dentist has been consistently promoting its benefits to our oral health. However, some patients still find flossing difficult. Is there an alternative to dental flossing? Well, read on to find out more about water flossing.

Water flossers like Waterpik are electric devices that deliver a stream of water to areas between the teeth. Because the water is pressurised, these devices can remove debris from hard to reach areas.

Key takeaways:

–  Studies have found water flossing to be just as effective as regular dental flossing. However, dentists warn against using it to replace brushing, eating healthy and going for regular dental checkups.

–  Patients with unique oral cases such as dental braces and dental crowns may greatly benefit from water flossing than using the traditional floss to remove food debris stuck in between their teeth.

–  Another benefit of water flossing is that it is safe and gentle around dental restorations and implants.

Be sure to floss your teeth once a day at whatever time is convenient for you.

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