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How Orthodontic Treatment Has Improved Over The Years

It’s amazing how modern orthodontic treatment has improved in the last two decades. Patients now have more options when it comes to orthodontics.

Key takeaway:

•Orthodontic braces aligners now look and feel better. Today, there are options such as ceramic braces which are barely noticeable and lingual braces which hide the brackets and wires behind your teeth. 

•Unlike traditional braces, modern orthodontic appliances have adopted the use of nickel or copper-titanium for the archwires. This reduces pain during treatment while still correcting the misalignments.

•The development of removable aligners (like Invisalign) has had a significant impact on orthodontics. Patients can simply remove the aligners during eating, brushing, and special events. 

Brush, floss your teeth and use a mouthwash at least twice daily. Adhere to all instructions from your dentist post-procedure.

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