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How Long Should You Wear Your Retainer?

Wearing a retainer after your orthodontic treatment is an important practice that seeks to stabilize your bones and teeth, ensuring that the realignment of your teeth does not change. So, how long should you wear a retainer? Here’s what you need to know.

Key takeaways:

  • The exact duration of retainer wear depends on a certain number of things including the type of orthodontic treatment you received, the misalignments in your mouth and your age. 
  • Most orthodontists will require you to wear your retainer for at least 12 months following the removal of your braces as this prevents any shifting that may take place.
  • Orthodontists also recommend continue wearing a retainer at night, after the first year.

Commit to your straight smile by incorporating your retainer use into your nightly oral care routine and visiting your dentist for your regular dental check-ups.



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