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Foods To Avoid For the Healthiest Teeth

Having a healthy and varied diet is essential to the health of your teeth and gums. However, there are certain foods that are best avoided (or at least eaten with caution), as they can easily damage your teeth, either by damaging the enamel or by making your teeth more vulnerable to decay and other oral diseases. 

Key takeaways:

  • Foods with a stone or pit, such as olives, peaches, cherries, and plums. Accidentally biting into the pit can chip your teeth or cause damage to your teeth’s connective tissue.
  • Hard and sticky candy and caramels. Not only they can chip or break your teeth, but they can increase your chances of developing cavities.
  • Bread can stick to the tooth’s surface and erode the enamel over time.

Ask your dentist for more tips on how to keep a healthy diet that protects your oral health.

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