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Dental Crowns and Bridges Explained

Dental Crowns

If you have a damaged (or missing) tooth or teeth, you will need either a crown or a bridge to restore your teeth. 

A crown is used to cap a damaged tooth or implant. It strengthens the tooth and improves its appearance, and is colour-matched to blend with your natural teeth. You may need a crown to replace a large filling, restore a fractured tooth, to attach a bridge, or to protect your tooth after a root canal. 

A bridge is used to fill the gap left by missing teeth and helps prevent the remaining teeth from shifting. The bridge is cemented to the surrounding natural teeth, which anchor the prosthetic tooth, called a pontic. Like a crown, a bridge can match the color of the natural teeth. 

A bridge can also be affixed to dental implants, which provides a more secure solution. Because the implant is inserted into the jaw, and is created from a titanium post, it is impervious to decay. This results in a very long-lasting solution.

Our dentists will be happy to explain these options in greater detail at your next regular appointment. 

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