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Always Wear A Sports Mouthguard 

A mouthguard is used to protect your teeth from any damage that may occur when engaging in sporting and recreational activities. Here is why you should always have a custom mouthguard on while playing sports.

Key takeaways:

•Just as the name suggests, custom mouthguards are designed to exactly fit your mouth depending on your unique oral health state. While store-bought mouthguards are good, they still do not offer the much protection needed for every single tooth.

•Unlike store-bought mouthguards, custom mouthguards are less bulky making it easier to breathe during sports.

•Custom mouthguards can also be personalized as much as you like, from unique designs and colours to fantastic logos.

Ask your local dentist about their custom mouthguard solutions to fully protect your smile from accidents. Remember to always wear a mouthguard to sports to prevent oral injuries.

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